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Paul II
United States
I'm just someone who loves to draw and entertain people. Ever since I can remember I have been drawing silly little comics. Now I've taken this passion to new levels by sharing here on DA. Most know me for my Mass Effect related stuff but I also have my own webcomic called "Clyde n Owen". I love being random and if I can put a smile on your face, then I've succeeded in my goal.
If you are a watcher by now you may already know whats going on right now.  But if you're a passing visitor who has found your way to my profile, than take a minute or two to familiarize yourself with this:

Worlds Apart:  Character Design Event by fakefrogs

Doesn't that sound exciting?!

The "Worlds Apart" character design event is open to anyone who wants to participate.  Doesn't matter what you think your skill level is at.  If you have imagination and a pencil and a piece of paper you're more than qualified to design characters!  And who knows, maybe in participating in this event you'll create a new character that you'll love and then create a story for yourself!  Wouldn't that just be AMAZING!  So give this a shot!
And if you want more info on the event, check the description from the deviation above or ask me any questions you might have.  I'll answer them as best I can.


As an added bonus to this event, I have decided to open myself up to doing requests.  It's only fair that if I'm challenging you with this character design event, you get to challenge me in return.  As long as the character design event is open I will except art requests.  At the moment there is no set close date for the event, which means there is no date yet for when I will stop taking requests.  But don't wait too long.  If you have something you would love to see me draw, get in your request while you can.

I will of course make the announcement when there does become a close date for both the event and requests.  I won't just stop taking them without saying anything.

There are some of the same rules from the event that apply to requests.  Mainly, keep the requests PG-13.  There are some things I'm just not going to draw.  If you request something I'm not too comfortable drawing, I'll work with you till we can get something we can both be pleased with.
I would also love for every person who does participate in the character design event to get to have an art request.

So there we have it!  I'm kicking off 2016 with a new comic series, a character design event open to all, and art requests!

To all my watchers, thanks for enjoying my art enough to make you want to hit that little "watch" button.  You have helped make every year awesome.  Now, please join me and help make 2016 even more awesome by creating some cool new super awesome characters!  Inspire and encourage others to create cool new super awesome art!  And just down right be the cool new super awesome person you are!

-Paul II aka "fakefrogs"
  • Listening to: Starset: Transmissions
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  • Watching: cartoons
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Like what you see?
Okay, here it is...
Gosh...  I've never had to click yes on "contains mature content" before.

So I shared this -->Hey there, handsome and said there was a less clothed version.  Well, this (not this --> Hey there, handsome (MOCs)) is the version I referred too.

Rhashia and compatriots are some of the only characters of mine I've drawn nude.  There's a bit of a reason for this.  They are in part based off of Bionicle OCs.  As such, their very first drawings had them without traditional human clothing.  As time went on and I began to give them more human lives and qualities, I had to start drawing them with clothes.
So, they came into this world pretty much like most of us did, without clothes.  And as the grew up, they had to learn the fashion of this world.

Here we go, some of the only characters that you will probably ever really see me draw nude.
And yes, it should be no surprise that Rhashia and Richard are lovers.  This fact IS cannon!

That's it for this world's first.
Broidium by fakefrogs
A while back I decided to sketch up a quick pic of my alien species called the 'broidium'.  It had been a long time since I drew any of these aliens and I wanted to refine their design a little.  In the end, I ended up not doing a realistically proportioned sketch, instead opting to just draw long curving lines.  Thus, the head crest is much larger than it would normally be.  This was also the first time drawing a broidium and detailing the scales all the way down the length of the tail.  Could be better.  But, hey, this was just a quick sketch for fun.
The females of the species have a more smooth curved head crest that really looks more triangular.  Male crests dip inwards at the top of the head giving them a more horned look.

The broidium are an alien species from my sci fi universe "First Encounters".
Art request for Osieu by fakefrogs
Art request for Osieu
The first art request of the year!

Osieu requested his OC drawn as a sci fi character in sci fi armor.  Took me a little while to really get to.  I had a hard time deciding what the armor would look like.  In the end I went with a mix of almost a Mass Effect style with some of my own sci fi character design elements.  I kinda like the whole futuristic knight thing going on here.  I imagine there are some robo baddies off screen that are about to get their rears handed to them.

Hope you enjoy,  Osieu!!! :)

Reference material:  In Arms req,  Osieu's gallery

Character Design Event and Requests
Rhashia compilation by fakefrogs
Rhashia compilation
Some better pics showing off Rhashia's Bionicle MOC design.

I am very much in love with this build of her.  Ever since 2006, she has gone through several vastly different builds until I finally landed here.  What I truly love about this version is that I am able to keep her original color scheme.  For the longest while I thought I was going to have to use the darker metro blue.
If it wasn't for all the fine stores on Bricklink I wouldn't have been able to give her the proper build she deserved.
When I find the pics I took of her original build I'll share a side-by-side comparison.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the in between builds she went through.  I wasn't very prolific with taking pics of my MOCs at that point in time.

The top center pic kinda shows what she would look like within my Bionicle fan fiction story universe.  And the bottom center is a version you should be familiar with by now.  It's strange, Bionicle story version of her is actually an antagonist while the cartoony version featured in "Worlds Apart" is a protagonist.


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