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Richard animation test 001
Kind of a low quality gif for the file size, I know.  I decided to use GifGrabber to create a quick and dirty gif.  Next time I'll create the gif my usual way.  By HAND!!!  :)

So at the end of May and beginning of June, I was playing around in Blender and practicing building characters, texturing them, and rigging them.  I even messed around with doing some short animations.  All very basic at this point.  This here is a glimpse of what I've been able to do and I really wanted to show what I've been learning.

You may not have ever seen this character before.  The only time you've probably glimpsed him is in this deviation.  This gif shows work from early on in my "play" sessions with Blender.  I have since adjusted the character mesh.  Redone the textures.  Improved some rigging.  And have fixed the eyes so that they decently perform like eyes.

I don't have any plans at this point to really do anything with this model, besides make tweaks and learn a few things here and there.  But these sessions have opened up a great opportunity for a future Halo: Reach machinima I am going to try and start up this year.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this random gif animation.  Maybe I'll have something more to share in the near future.  Who knows... 
Lil Liara for okamiEvie-chan by fakefrogs
Lil Liara for okamiEvie-chan
Here's how this conversation started:

Shepard- "How are you adjusting to the Normandy, Liara?"
Liara- "PROTHEANS!!!!"
Shepard- "What the heck!?"

And it all went downhill from there...

Anyway, this was okamiEvie-chan's gift request.  okamiEvie-chan wanted to see Liara being the little dork that she is in the first Mass Effect game.  When I think about Liara in the first ME game, I think about just how childish she was and about how obsessed with the protheans she was.

I love this piece, because there is more to this joke than at first glance.

Enjoy the little gag at Liara's expense, okamiEvie-chan!!!

Still haven't sent in a request for your special gift?  There's still time.  Head over here for full details!
Alex and Kitty for ZimmyRose by fakefrogs
Alex and Kitty for ZimmyRose
Here is our special gift request for ZimmyRose.  This is ZimmyRose's OC Alex relaxing alongside Kitty!  This one was a challenge, I'm not really good with drawing people, even in cartoony styles.  So I was a little nervous about this piece.  I used the deviations in this Gallery for reference and to help decide what I was going to draw Alex doing.  Ultimately, I decided having him and his cat just relaxing from the wear and tear of everyday life was a good way to go.  As a cat lover, this means a lot to me.

Despite being worried about my lack of skill with drawing humans, I am really pleased with how Alex turned out in this piece.  There's still elements of my cartoony style but without him turning outright into a cartoon character.  Again, really pleased with the end result.

Hope you enjoy this one, ZimmyRose!!!

If you haven't sent in a request for your special gift, there's still some time.  Head over here for full details. 
Represent Quarian by fakefrogs
Represent Quarian
This is a graphic I created for use with my latest released "Green Team ME3" gameplay highlights video.  In the video I mentioned to my friend Cory that I was glad to see his quarian running around with green colors to which he replied, "Represent!"

So enjoy another quarian!  Also be sure to check out Green Team M3 Ep:3 Get'n in the Groove and show your support!!!
Vala'Sun vas Black Widow for joryn282 by fakefrogs
Vala'Sun vas Black Widow for joryn282
"But does it come in black?"

Here we have our first quarian gift request.  Meet Vala'Sun vas Black Widow, a quarian OC of joryn282.  Here we see Miss vas Black Widow doing some shopping on the extranet.  What could she be looking for?  A new hood?  A sweet ride?

I used this deviation which was a commission by upshdragoon for reference material.

Hope you enjoy, joryn282!!!  :)

If you are a watcher and would like to receive your special gift like Miss vas Black Widow here, check this out for all the details!!!
      Happy 14th birthday to deviantART!!!  I didn't get to join in the festivities last year so I decided I should celebrate this year along with the rest of the community.  Especially since deviantART has definitely helped me grow in my artistic endeavors.  Since joining, I have gone from doing quick sketches with pencil and paper to pushing myself with digital art.  Every step of the way I've had people encouraging me to "keep up the good work."

      I started sharing just random sketches, stuff that really only meant something to myself.  When I started to share fan art from the popular video game series Mass Effect, I started to attract some attention.  My first really well received deviation was a comic strip I had started years before but never did anything with until I joined deviantART.

Emotional attachments by fakefrogs

      The Mass Effect deviations are what have drawn the most deviants to my profile.  Even with this fact, I wasn't going to limit myself to doing just Mass Effect fan art, not when there was so much I wanted to share.
      For myself, deviantART is a safe place to share art of any kind, no matter the style or quality, and is also a place to receive and give encouragement.  Everyone needs a safe place to share what they have created.

                                       ancient Inkladdian warrior by fakefrogs

      Not only has deviantART been a place to share artwork both old and new that normally no one would get to see, it has also helped me in developing my artistic skills and giving me a place push and test myself.  "Clyde n Owen", a comic series that started here, has helped with learning how to work with meeting self imposed deadlines.  Even though I occasionally fall short, I have been learning how to, slowly, overcome laziness and procrastination and finnish a project that I have started.  "Clyde n Owen" has been the best result of this learning curve.

                                 the Ark by fakefrogs

      Since I started working with a digital art tablet, my skills have significantly increased and continue to grow with each new piece I complete.

Fallen Colossus by fakefrogs

      Though I have developed my own unique style, I continue to push myself to see what I am capable of doing, learning all the way.  Not every piece receives the same amount of feed back but that doesn't matter.  What matters most is that I am pleased with what I have accomplished.  I don't share for the comments, favs, or watches.  I share because I want to and you never know what might inspire someone else.
      Most of what I share is for myself yet I don't neglect those that have chosen to watch me.  Most watch for the Mass Effect fan art I share and sometimes I will put everything I've learned into one amazing piece for the fans.

          Rain on Rannoch by fakefrogs

      I can honestly say that, without deviantART, I wouldn't be where I am today artistically.  A safe place to share, to give and receive encouragement, and to learn new skills.  That is what deviantART is all about for me.  I've only been a member for a couple of years and in those few years I have grown so much.

    So thanks, deviantART!!!
    Thanks to all it's members!  Thanks to everyone who watches this little artist who goes by "fakefrogs"!

    Happy 14th B-Day!!!  Have some cake! :)
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