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RCF? Kerbal Flash by fakefrogs
RCF? Kerbal Flash
It's Random Crap... Friday???

Anyway, it feels like its been ages since I last shared anything, or have even drawn anything for that matter!  So I decided to share at least a little something.  My sister and I are working together on a YouTube channel and this is a graphic I am using in one of our videos.  We've been playing Kerbal Space Program quite a lot these last several weeks and I mentioned a Kerbal Flash in one of our most recent sessions, so naturally, I needed to draw Kerbal Flash.

I hope to get back into the swing of things with drawing again, between school work, actual work, and Destiny (yes, that Destiny) I haven't had much time for drawing.  It's been kinda crazy in my little section of the world.  I'll share what I can when I can.  I also realize that I haven't shared any Tali for quite some time, perhaps that should be next on the list.  We'll see.

Life Lessons by fakefrogs
Life Lessons
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting any art over the last couple weeks, not even with the regularly updated "Clyde n Owen" comic.  And there is a couple good reasons for that.  The first and main reason is pictured above.  The above image is what remains of my first computer.  On August 13th, 2014, I accidentally left my laptop onto of my car when leaving from work and didn't realize it until I got home.  I white knuckled it back into town hoping to find it in the parking lot only to discover it on the highway.

That night I learned a couple of very important lessons.  Firstly, that setting things on top of your car is a very bad habit and secondly, that you should routinely back up all your files.  Currently, I am unable to gain access to any of the digital art, audio, and videos that I had created several months prior as I had not backed them up.

When you're young you learn the stove is hot by placing your hand on the burner. Sometimes you can learn a lesson from others' experiences. This time I had to learn through my own experience.

The second reason I haven't posted any art is because I am now taking several college classes and am trying to sort out what I can do with my free time.  I'm beginning to get settled again the shock of losing my computer is beginning to wear off some.

As I said above, Sometimes you can learn form others.  Let me be an example to you.  Never set things on top of your car.  And routinely back up your files, whether on an external hard drive our through an online service.
Random Character Dump by fakefrogs
Random Character Dump
About a month ago, I started to draw a bunch of different characters just to see what I could come up with.  These are the results.  Now, I haven't really named any of them and I'm not sure if I'll do anything with them.  We'll see as time goes by.

Sketch Dump 2 by fakefrogs
Sketch Dump 2
Not a lot of material for a sketch dump, I know.  These were just a couple of odds lying around.  The Arbiter was going to be a part of a short silly comic but I didn't like how the Chief was coming out, as you can see.  The Arbiter looked awesome, though!

We also can't forget the quarians.  I just felt like drawing a quarian snuggling a little teddy bear.

      Happy 14th birthday to deviantART!!!  I didn't get to join in the festivities last year so I decided I should celebrate this year along with the rest of the community.  Especially since deviantART has definitely helped me grow in my artistic endeavors.  Since joining, I have gone from doing quick sketches with pencil and paper to pushing myself with digital art.  Every step of the way I've had people encouraging me to "keep up the good work."

      I started sharing just random sketches, stuff that really only meant something to myself.  When I started to share fan art from the popular video game series Mass Effect, I started to attract some attention.  My first really well received deviation was a comic strip I had started years before but never did anything with until I joined deviantART.

Emotional attachments by fakefrogs

      The Mass Effect deviations are what have drawn the most deviants to my profile.  Even with this fact, I wasn't going to limit myself to doing just Mass Effect fan art, not when there was so much I wanted to share.
      For myself, deviantART is a safe place to share art of any kind, no matter the style or quality, and is also a place to receive and give encouragement.  Everyone needs a safe place to share what they have created.

                                       ancient Inkladdian warrior by fakefrogs

      Not only has deviantART been a place to share artwork both old and new that normally no one would get to see, it has also helped me in developing my artistic skills and giving me a place push and test myself.  "Clyde n Owen", a comic series that started here, has helped with learning how to work with meeting self imposed deadlines.  Even though I occasionally fall short, I have been learning how to, slowly, overcome laziness and procrastination and finnish a project that I have started.  "Clyde n Owen" has been the best result of this learning curve.

                                 the Ark by fakefrogs

      Since I started working with a digital art tablet, my skills have significantly increased and continue to grow with each new piece I complete.

Fallen Colossus by fakefrogs

      Though I have developed my own unique style, I continue to push myself to see what I am capable of doing, learning all the way.  Not every piece receives the same amount of feed back but that doesn't matter.  What matters most is that I am pleased with what I have accomplished.  I don't share for the comments, favs, or watches.  I share because I want to and you never know what might inspire someone else.
      Most of what I share is for myself yet I don't neglect those that have chosen to watch me.  Most watch for the Mass Effect fan art I share and sometimes I will put everything I've learned into one amazing piece for the fans.

          Rain on Rannoch by fakefrogs

      I can honestly say that, without deviantART, I wouldn't be where I am today artistically.  A safe place to share, to give and receive encouragement, and to learn new skills.  That is what deviantART is all about for me.  I've only been a member for a couple of years and in those few years I have grown so much.

    So thanks, deviantART!!!
    Thanks to all it's members!  Thanks to everyone who watches this little artist who goes by "fakefrogs"!

    Happy 14th B-Day!!!  Have some cake! :)
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