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Rhashia expressions sketchdump by fakefrogs
Rhashia expressions sketchdump
"Random Crap Saturday", anybody?  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it like "Random Crap Thursday".

    Anyway...  I felt like sharing some smaller things in between my larger works.  Sometimes you got to take a break and un-focus your mind from all the major projects.  So I was practicing some facial expressions for Rhashia.  You may have seen Rhashia in her more accurate Bionicle form here: Queen Rhashia or the cartoony version of her featured in one of the very first RCT entry:  Random Crap Thursday: Rhashia.  This more cartoony version of Rhashia was created quite a few years ago in an attempt to create simple cartoon style versions of all my major Bionicle OCs.
    She has seen quite some changes in her design over the years but still remains very true to her original form.  This version of her has taken on a life of its own completely separate from the fan-fiction universe version.  The fan fiction version is a bit on the rough and treacherous side while the cartoon version is really quite a lovable being.
    What I really love about this version is the expressiveness I can give her.  From her eyes to even her hair, I've been able to give her so much more character and attitude than I could in more accurate to fiction designs.

If I had to pick which expression above is my fav it would have to be hands down the head-on one in the bottom right corner.  It's the best attempt I've ever pulled off and I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Enjoy!!!   And let me know which expression of her's above is your favorite!
Meta by fakefrogs

I had forgotten about this one.  This one was originally uploaded to "CnO's" main site on August 8th, 2014.  I knew there were two others that I hadn't shared yet on DeviantArt but I had completely forgotten about this one.

To get the full effect of this comic you HAVE to view it at the main site: CnO:  Meta

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We're Back by fakefrogs
We're Back
"Clyde n Owen" have returned!!!

It has been almost a year since I last updated "Clyde n Owen" due to the loss of my first computer, starting up college classes, and being in a generally down mood since December(that is, until June).  Now life is looking up again and starting to normalize allowing me to restart "Clyde n Owen".  Though, they won't be returning to their full glory just yet.  Their comic will be updated on a semi-regular basis until I am willing and able to resume a three comic a week schedule.  So enjoy their return and look forward to more in the near future!

Also, I want to reassure those few still waiting on their special gifts that I am indeed working on them.  I'm sure everyone understands that it is good that I don't rush everything that way a can give you the best I've got.  I have several art projects I am currently focused on, the above mentioned gifts are included in this queue, as well as many other pieces in the plans for the next round.  So rest assured, I'm not forgetting anyone or anything.  I'm just swamped with projects of all kinds.  :)  And I know you guys understand.  That's what makes you so awesome!!!

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Check out new comics first at Clyde n Owen's homesite!!!
Mr Grumpy Gills by fakefrogs
Mr Grumpy Gills
This is a graphic I created for this Jacob Plays Destiny Part 2/2.  Ok, I think this is the last time I'll push those vids.  For now...

Anyway.  My friend takes all the useful skills he learned in his battle with the Archon Priest (such as reloading, summoning your Sparrow, and dancing...) and uses them to take on "Mr. Grumpy Gills" and his legion of Space Turtles!

Archon eats his Wheaties by fakefrogs
Archon eats his Wheaties
To fully understand this you seriously need to watch this Jacob Plays Destiny Part 1/2.  This is a graphic I created for said video and references one of my favorite moments of playing Destiny with one of my long time, great friends.

Hope you enjoy this silly little depiction of the Archon Priest from the Winter's Run strike!

Destiny belongs to Bungie Studios
the Wheaties logo and brand belongs to General Mills, Inc
      Happy 14th birthday to deviantART!!!  I didn't get to join in the festivities last year so I decided I should celebrate this year along with the rest of the community.  Especially since deviantART has definitely helped me grow in my artistic endeavors.  Since joining, I have gone from doing quick sketches with pencil and paper to pushing myself with digital art.  Every step of the way I've had people encouraging me to "keep up the good work."

      I started sharing just random sketches, stuff that really only meant something to myself.  When I started to share fan art from the popular video game series Mass Effect, I started to attract some attention.  My first really well received deviation was a comic strip I had started years before but never did anything with until I joined deviantART.

Emotional attachments by fakefrogs

      The Mass Effect deviations are what have drawn the most deviants to my profile.  Even with this fact, I wasn't going to limit myself to doing just Mass Effect fan art, not when there was so much I wanted to share.
      For myself, deviantART is a safe place to share art of any kind, no matter the style or quality, and is also a place to receive and give encouragement.  Everyone needs a safe place to share what they have created.

                                       ancient Inkladdian warrior by fakefrogs

      Not only has deviantART been a place to share artwork both old and new that normally no one would get to see, it has also helped me in developing my artistic skills and giving me a place push and test myself.  "Clyde n Owen", a comic series that started here, has helped with learning how to work with meeting self imposed deadlines.  Even though I occasionally fall short, I have been learning how to, slowly, overcome laziness and procrastination and finnish a project that I have started.  "Clyde n Owen" has been the best result of this learning curve.

                                 the Ark by fakefrogs

      Since I started working with a digital art tablet, my skills have significantly increased and continue to grow with each new piece I complete.

Fallen Colossus by fakefrogs

      Though I have developed my own unique style, I continue to push myself to see what I am capable of doing, learning all the way.  Not every piece receives the same amount of feed back but that doesn't matter.  What matters most is that I am pleased with what I have accomplished.  I don't share for the comments, favs, or watches.  I share because I want to and you never know what might inspire someone else.
      Most of what I share is for myself yet I don't neglect those that have chosen to watch me.  Most watch for the Mass Effect fan art I share and sometimes I will put everything I've learned into one amazing piece for the fans.

          Rain on Rannoch by fakefrogs

      I can honestly say that, without deviantART, I wouldn't be where I am today artistically.  A safe place to share, to give and receive encouragement, and to learn new skills.  That is what deviantART is all about for me.  I've only been a member for a couple of years and in those few years I have grown so much.

    So thanks, deviantART!!!
    Thanks to all it's members!  Thanks to everyone who watches this little artist who goes by "fakefrogs"!

    Happy 14th B-Day!!!  Have some cake! :)
Cake by fakefrogs +83 by fakefrogs


United States

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